Battle of Hastings

Topics: Harold Godwinson, Battle of Hastings, Bayeux Tapestry Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings was being fought by William the Conqueror; also known has Duke of Normandy and King Harold, Leader of the Saxons, which made History to the Bayeux Tapestry. William, Leader of Normans won the Battle of Hastings. I will be writing how the Normans Won the Battle of Hastings and why did Saxons lost the Battle of Hastings.

Reasons why the Normans won the Battle of Hastings

1. England had Less Soldiers due to when England Soldiers were killed in another battle they previously had at The Battle of Stamford Bridge.

2. The Normans had a Clever Trick of pretending to Retreat which cause the Saxons to lose and the leave their strong position on the Hill. The Saxons decided to follow them.

3. In the Middle of the Battle, King Harold was killed by an archer who shot an arrow on his eye.

4. The Wind Changed for the Normans which made an easy Journey for the Normans

5. William arranged his troops carefully and uses them skilfully in the battle so they were well prepared and had better strategy than the Saxons.

Reasons why the Saxons lost the Battle of Hastings

1. The Saxons had a battle against the Vikings at Stamford Bridge which was a voracious battle and many soldiers were killed.

2. During the battle, Harold died and the Saxons had no leader so they were defenceless.

3. They walked almost 500 miles. Some Soldiers were left behind.

4. The Saxons didn’t have much time to prepare and were not ready when the Normans attacked.

5. When the Normans Tricked the Saxons, the Normans attacked from both ways because other Normans went behind the Saxons.

The Battle of Hastings actually happened because there were 3 people who wanted the English Crown Which was Harold GodwInson, who was in England and because he was in England, he took the crown having no time to wait. William the Conqueror, from France was determined to have the English Crown because...
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