Battle of Badr

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Introduction . 1.

This book is the translation of “Ghazwat Badr al-Kubra”. It is about the first ever conflict between the Muslims and the non-believers, which finally fulfilled all the neo conditions of Islam’s eventual triumph as complete code of human life.

2. The Book .

a. Name. The great battle of Badr . b. Author. Mohammad Ahmed Bashumail. Secy of “hayaat al-amar bil maroof wa nahi 'anil munkar”, Hijaz , Saudi Arabia .

c. Published By. Islamic Publications Ltd. BE Shah Alam

Market Lahore.

d. Editions. Total of 4 editions. 1st edition in December, 1970, 2nd editions in February, 1978, 3rd editions in May 1981 and finally this edition came in May 1984.

e. Printed By. Metro printers Lahore.

f. Number of Pages. 215.

g. Contents. It comprises of VI chap and II appendix.

h. Cover. Hard bound cover, depicting the battle field

of Badr.


j. Its foreword given by Abul A'la' Maududi , a

renowned scholar, whose famous work is TAFSEER-


4. Comments on Contents.
a. Chapter I. Before the great encounter. In this, the author has covered the detailed reasons, events and imp developments that preceded this battle. It also include the policy of social by cot and economic blockade for Muslims which subsequently failed.

b. Chapter II. The Migration . It include the counter steps

by Muslims against Makkan for their brutal designs,

include the 1st great alliance of history between

Prophet & the Ansars . Followed by the successful

migration of holy prophet to Makkah.

c. Chapter III. The Prophet at Madina. In this chap the

author has discussed the changes took place in Madina

after Prophet’s arrival e.g estb of brother hood. It also

covers the intrigues and disruptionist attempts by Jews

to create hostilities, which could not be successful .


d. Chapter IV. The Battle. It include the military

movements of Muslim and the immediate cause of this

battle. The main theme of book is briefly discussed in

this chapter i.e. the first confrontation between Muslims

& Non believers, which culminated that conflict which

could never be resolved less in the battle field.

e. Chapter V. The Aftermath. In this the author has

given the details of cas from both sides with names. It

also incl the verses from the Holy Quran (Sura Al

Anfaal) in which this...
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