Battle of Atlantic

Topics: World War II, World War I, Submarine Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: February 13, 2011
In the fall of 1939, the Atlantic Ocean was the dramatic setting of a fierce battle between the British and the Germans. At the time, most people thought that the Battle of the Atlantic may have decided World War II’s outcome. This battle was the deciding factor throughout the war. The battle of the Atlantic was a violent and destructive battle. Many people lost their lives fighting in this battle. New technology was one of the major factors in helping the allies win the long and crucial Battle of the Atlantic.

The Battle of the Atlantic was a violent and destructive battle which caused chaos in the ocean. Many ships were built then blown up or sunk in sea and some may have survived. This battle was so violent and destructive that each side had its own strategy planned out exactly at when to use it. The allies mass-produced over 100 corvettes in 1943 and by 1945 the allies ships turned from 38 – 410 ship because in the spring of 1941, u-boats sunk about 500,000 tons of shipping good each month (u-boats are German submarines). May 1943 was the turning point of the allies. The allies moved from the defensive strategy to offensive; instead of the Germans hunting us, the RCN (Royal Canadian Navy) and company hunted them. By July, the Germans were only capable to destroy/sink 20 ships per month. “The Battle of the Atlantic was the only thing that ever frightened me.” –Winston Churchill One of the reasons that the Germans got so many kills was because they used a strategy called ‘wolf packs.’ This strategy involves hunting in packs instead of separately; they would hunt with 3-4 ships minimum. Everyone was devastated when this battle erupted; it caused a lot of deaths as well as nightmares for the ones who survived. Up to this day, no one can forget this horrific battle because it was the longest running battle during World War II which was also one of the most destructive ones with the thousands of ships submerged beneath the cold, dark waters of the Atlantic...
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