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Battle Buddy- the idea behind having a battle buddy comes from the guidance of the old Aristotelian adage “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and has been used in the military for decades. Shield bearer is another term used in ancient Gaul which means something different a soldier carrying a shield to either protect a chief or noble or so the other can be well rested. Might be like a squire that takes care of a knight's armor. Naturally the expression eventually acquired a deeper meaning, and is used in memoirs by veterans to describe their close friends. In today’s combat environment, the term is used to describe the smallest combat unit which can be considered combat effective. A battle buddy can pretty much be anything that you can think of. Browsing the internet for the word battle buddy there is a blog its different ideas of what a battle buddy is from what other people think.

What's a "battle buddy"?

I heard a couple of soldiers talking the other day & I heard "battle buddy" & was wondering what that is?

Someone that helps you with everything you do.

In the Marine Corps, we have the buddy system. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we have another person doing the same thing. Especially when we go to the bar, we need another person just in case something happens. It's mostly used for when you go to combat. Your Battle Buddy is the Person who is watching your back when in a combat zone while you are watching theirs. When soldiers train in this new military, they refer to each other as battle buddies. a friend who you stick together with, Its where you help each other out with basic things, like making beds and all that great stuff.

The Army instills the battle buddy system into a soldier during basic training. This teaches the importance of a battle buddy. The stressful situation of transitioning from a civilian to a soldier can take its toll on individuals. It provides recruits with the security and solace that can only come from someone who shares their circumstances. In basic training, your Drill Sergeants will assign you a battle buddy. If you ask anyone who has been through basic training about their battle buddy, 99 percent of them will tell you their first name, last name and probably some other details such as their birthday or the number of brothers and sisters they have. This is what the army defines the battle buddy system as.

The buddy system establishes policy for the pairing of IET soldiers in Basic Training/OSUT and AIT into teams for the following reasons: (1)  Mutual support and assistance.
(2)  Reducing stress.
(3)  Teaching teamwork.
(4)  Development of a sense of responsibility and accountability for fellow soldiers. (5)  Improving safety during training.
(6)  Reducing the likelihood and opportunity for sexual harassment or misconduct. Soldiers are introduced to the buddy team system at the reception battalion and, to the extent possible; the buddy system should be utilized.  IET soldiers are formed into two-person teams upon arrival at the training unit. A buddy team may consist of three personnel in order to ensure all soldiers are part of a buddy team.  Team members learn to help one another in all aspects of training.  This aids in the development of individual initiative, responsibility, and dependability.  As a minimum, installation commanders will establish a buddy system in IET following these guidelines: (1)  DSs will assign buddy teams after the IET soldiers arrive at the platoon but before formal training begins. (2)  Unit cadre will instruct IET soldiers on the purpose and rules of the buddy system. (3)  Buddy team changes from the initial pairings should be limited. (4)  Buddy teams will participate in training, details, charge of quarters (CQ), and other activities together, when feasible. Feasibility is to be determined by the local commander. (5)  Requirements for buddy teams to be together outside of training must not violate the intent of...
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