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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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WHEN: October 8 1944

WHO: 18th INF REG 1st ID
-C Co w/ CMDR CPT Bobbie Brown

WHAT/WHERE: Battle of Crucifix Hill next to Haaren Germany (NE Germany)

WHY: Crucifix Hill was controlled by the Germans, and stood in the way of the Allied objective of encircling Aachen. The hill contained numerous pillboxes and bunkers occupied by German Forces of the 246 Volksgrenadierdivision.

18th IR, 1st ID CMDR ordered its 1st BN to use special pillbox assualt teams that had flamethrowers, Bangalore torpedoes, and Demo Charges. These teams were supported by tank destroyers and self propelled guns providing Direct Fire on the pillboxes.

C Co of 1st BN lead the assault and was pinned down while attempting to assault a pillbox by flanking fire from another pillbox. Charlie’s CO CPT Bobbie Brown (earned a battlefield commission in Normandy) took a pole charge and ran 100m under fire to place the charge in the offending Pillbox. The CO did this 2 more times destroying a total of 3 pillboxes single handedly and was wounded by a mortar round in the process. He refused medical treatment and continued up the hill. He then went alone to conduct a recon of the area beyond the hill and intentionally drew the fire of German forces, exposing gun emplacements. He was wounded twice in the process. This intel allowed Allied forces to repel two German counter attacks successfully. CPT Bobbie Brown received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at Crucifix Hill.

THE DECISIVE POINT: was when CPT Brown took action and took out the pillboxes pinning down his men, allowing the successful seizure of the hill.
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