Battered Women

Topics: Murder, Criminal justice, Physical abuse Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Battered Woman Argument
Rick and Brenda Aris met when she was just sixteen years old while he was in his mid-twenties. Soon after their marriage, Rick broke Brenda’s ribs and jaw. Years later, after severely beating her so she was too injured to walk, he said “He did not think he was going to let [her] live until morning." After he consumed a large amount of alcohol and passed out, Brenda, convinced she was going to be hunted down and murdered when he woke, grabbed a gun and shot her husband five times, killing him immediately. After many attempts to claim battered women clemency, she was none the less found guilty and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. This is but one example of the failure of our criminal justice system. Battered women should be allowed to receive the mercy of clemency after all that they have been through because they had no other way out, were psychologically damaged, or were just trying to defend either themselves or children that were in danger.

Abused women who always feel threatened and can never get away long enough to get help have absolutely no other way to defend themselves other than getting rid of the problem when a slight opportunity strikes. Just because they killed a human being who acted like a barbarian to save themselves from more harm does not mean that they should be treated like a murderer who kills people for no good reason. “I can still remember vividly what Russ looked like during this first attack. Words cannot describe it; it was so frightening. His face was distorted, inhuman, and filled with rage; his eyes bugged out. He did not look like the Russ I thought I knew; he seemed like a rabid dog” is what Mary said when the “cycle of violence” started. She never felt safe, and being fragile, physically and emotionally, while with child, the only way she felt she could be safe was with Russ out of the picture and to keep him from finding and beating her over and over again.

Eighty percent of battered women...
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