Batman vs. Superman

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  • Published : October 1, 2008
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Superman vs. Batman

I have been a huge fan of Batman since I was a very little. I still have my old batman Halloween costume hanging in my cluttered closet, cape and all. Many people told me that batman wasn’t as cool as all the other super-heroes because he didn’t have any powers. I didn’t care what anyone said though, he was my hero back then, and still is to this day. First I am going to discuss Batman. Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, lived his entire childhood plagued with the memory of the murder of his parents that he witnessed. He travelled the world, trained extensively, both physically and mentally, and waited for the day to exact his revenge on those who had caused him so much pain. He was emotionally shut down; he did not trust anyone besides Alfred, his butler. He was consumed with revenge through out his youth. Although Bruce Wayne realized his destiny during his youth, he did not dawn the mask of Batman till later on. Now I am going to discuss superman. Clark Kent, or favored name “Superman”, lived his childhood on a farm with his adopted parents. As a young boy Clark was just discovering and mastering his many abilities such as speed, strength, vision, etc. His family chose to keep Clark's true identity a secret from the rest of the world because they knew he would just become a lab rat if he happened to fall into the wrong hands. Although Clark had friends during his school years, only one of them, Pete Ross, knew of his true identity. Clark was forced to hide his abilities from even his most trusted friends because he felt that he would be considered a freak if they knew the truth. Clark travelled the world to realize his true destiny of being the protector of the weak, powerless and innocent as well as planet Earth itself. Both Superman and Batman risk their lives every day to keep people safe. Even so, where they are from and how they do their hero work is worlds apart. Batman has no superpowers such as speed, or super strength, so he...
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