Batman Begins Research Paper

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  • Published : May 17, 2008
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Last month I just borrowed an old movie named Batman Begins. It’s not very old, though it was released in 2002. As the others movie I have ever watched, it contains Hero, Mentor, and Shadow. These three characters are always related to the other. Generally, action movie tells about Hero’s Journey. In the movie “Batman Begins”, the Hero decided to become poor people and he travels to Special World to fight for justice and righteousness. According to Joseph Campbell, Hero’s Journey is divided into two parts: outward journey and Inward journey Batman Begins, starring Christian as the Batman itself whose name is Bruce Wayne, is a movie that tell a story about a heroic man who save his city, taught and fought his own mentor. Our heroes are Bruce Wayne was born from a very rich family. He lives in big mansion, and he lives in luxuries life. When he was eight years old, he played hide and seek game with his playing mate whose name Rachel Dawes. Unfortunately, he trapped and fell down into the well where the bat attacked him as they fly out of the well. Because of this accident, he becomes trauma and he feels afraid of bat. One day, on this mother’s birthday, his father asked Bruce and his mother to go out to see opera. When he saw the dancer who looks like a bat-like demon, he became frightened, and then he begs to his parents leave the opera building early. On the way back they saw a bandit who asked for the money and the Jewelry which is a birthday gift for Bruce’s mother. Because his father does not want to give the jewelry instead he gives his wallet; the bandit kills both his father and his mother and left Bruce alive.

In the absence of his parents, Alfred took and raised him. In this movie, Alfred takes a role as his mentor and Shapeshifter. While Bruce was still a child, his father company was leading temporarily by Mr. Earle, his friend’s fathers. Ten Years later, Bruce comes back from Prince Tone University, his live isn’t getting...
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