Batman and Bruce Wayne

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Belonging and not belonging are an emotional stimulant that Is felt by everyone and in many different ways. This is due to many different backgrounds like Religious points of view, experiences in life and how they were raised. This is evident in “The Simple Gift” by Steven Herrick and in “Batman The Dark Knight Rises” By Christopher Nolan. In “The Simple Gift” by Steven Herrick, the main protagonist Billy experiences different emotions towards belonging due to the people in his life. Billy is mistreated by his father who makes him feel as if he doesn’t belong which cause him to run away from home to find the true meaning of belonging. Billy meets a train driver called Ernie as he has jumped on a train to hitch a ride, Ernie finds Billy trying to sleep in his boat and tells him to get out. Ernie takes Billy to the driver’s cabin to help him and keep him warm; Billy has never felt like this before due to the abuse from his father. Billy leaves a note and a bottle of wine for Ernie to thank him and Billy jumps off the train just before a town called Benderat. Throughout “The Simple Gift” Billy encounters Old Bill, Caitlin and the librarian all these people Billy meets gives him a positive sense of belonging but Billy also encounters a social worker who Billy and Old Bill have to fool as Billy doesn’t want them to know that he ran away. As he has formed an emotional attachment to Old Bill and especially his love interest Caitlin whom in the end ends up living with him in the old house that Old Bill gave to them which gives Billy an overwhelming feeling of emotion . Similarly in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman The Dark Knight Rises” Bruce Wayne AKA Batman has hidden himself away from the world due to previous events in his life that made him feel as if he doesn’t belong, his way of dealing with the event of losing the only person he ever really loved due to his decision but was tricked by the joker. Besides his parents and butler the loss of...
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