Batman's Morals vs. the Joker

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Ian Powell
COM 122
Essay #2, Mr. Perez
November 8, 2012

Batman and the Joker

Batman, the hero of Gotham City and the vigilante of the people. Many people see him as a peace keeper, and many people despise his continues endeavor to eradicate the scum of the city. One such character would be the Joker, one of Batman’s biggest rivals and the ceaseless aggravation of Gotham City. In one’s opinion, Batman’s polar opposite, the ying to his yang, or his contradictory personage. Now, why does Batman not just kill the Joker and end his heinous escapades? Wouldn’t this just end the terror that Gotham City has to put up with. Well here are three reasons why Batman should do the opposite: Killing the Joker would interfere with the equilibrium of good and evil; Sure, Batman is the vigilante of the city, but what makes him have the right to kill anyone with no exceptions; Killing the Joker would just turn Batman into what he is actually fighting in the first place, the corrupt.

The rules Batman has made from the start of his vigilante career has made him into the dark heroic figure he is known now. This of course means he does not have right to decide the fate of his enemy. Batman is as much of a citizen as anyone else of the city of Gotham, he just decided to help stop the spread of scum that was spreading with his fellow people of Gotham who pray on the weak. Needless to say, he doesn't have the power of justice system in his hands. Instead Batman is there in his own personal agenda, to stop the evil that has killed his parents an taken over Gotham City in the movie The Dark Knight. He is not going to kill anyone in-fact, if he would do so later down the road, would he stop there? Aristotle had his own philosophy upon this subject. “If he killed the Joker, would he be able to stop there, or would every two-bit thug get the same treatment?”(Boston Globe) Not many would think so either, it is this element that Batman has to keep in mind and has trained for in...
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