Bathroom and Hi Ms. Whitley

Topics: Bathroom, Shower, Road Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Dear Monday
As a working adult, Monday is just the same as any other day, dreadful. The thought that occupies my mind the night before is unbarring. Hearing the horrid scream echo through the speakers of my cell phone, notifying me that it is time to start another day with the same routine yet again. Sigh. When will this be over?, I think to myself. When can I just get one day out of the week where I can only worry about myself, abandon the needs of others, be relieved of the daily obligations of homework, and ignore a schedule. Just, when can I be free?!

It’s 5:30 am and my phone is alarming me. “Five more minutes, please! I just got to sleep. I don’t think I’m going to work, I’m much too tired”, goes the thoughts that cloud my mind. It’s freezing in my room. I’m hoping that it didn’t snow overnight. Meanwhile, my snooze button has apparently failed me, blaring every, what seems to be, two minutes. “DAMNIT, I’m up!” I arise, sluggish. I stumble over clothes from the night before to turn on the lights. Here we go again. First things first, I walk to the bathroom, barefoot, and the tiles under me are artic, cramping my feet. I ignore the sensation, of course, and continue on with the start of my day. Great! Someone made a mess of the toothpaste, AGAIN. After finishing brushing my teeth, I run the shower water, run back to my room to undress, and grab a towel. By this time, I have realized that my comatose ways have gotten me backed up on time. “Ugh!, I complain to myself. Jumping into the shower, the water is still cold and my body begins to have spasms of pain. The water continues to warm while I indulge in such hot bliss, discounting all sense of time. After fully lathering my body with soap, rinsing and repeating, I step out of the shower. The cold air attacks my body once again. I scurry back to my room to dress, noticing that I have spent far too much time in the bathroom. I overlook the fact that I need to lotion up and put on the first articles of...
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