Batang Pusit

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I. Introduction

Batang Pusit is a story of children in Masbate who catches squid to earn a living. They work to provide their families and themselves something to eat in their everyday. Their families depend on them. These children are hardworking for the sake of their families, but even though they’re hard up in catching squids they still continue doing it because they don’t want their families to suffer from hunger. Unlike other kids who just waste their time doing things that won’t help them. With the children in the film, “Batang Pusit” they are encouraged by their parents to do well in their work as squid catchers for them to have a brighter future.

II. Summary
The day starts early for a group of children at a remote coastal village in Masbate, an island province in the central Philippines. Even before dawn breaks, several children and a few adults line the seashore, busily preparing their boats and nets for a day of squid fishing. Jameson, Estoy, and Jason who at a very young age were taught by their fathers to dive for squids. The residents largely depend on the sea to make a living. There are no concrete roads, water comes from deep wells, and there is no electricity. Everyday, they set out to sea. A boat crew is comprised mostly of children. The adult stays in the boat while the children do the diving. The kids wear improvised goggles and fins made of wood that are fastened to their feet by strips of rubber. The kids lure the squids into the nets by making noise hitting the water surface hard with their arms or getting rocks underwater and throwing them hard at the water surface. They then dive as the net closes in to secure the squids that were trapped in the net. After a full day at sea, each goes home with less than thirty pesos in their pockets. But for the overworked children, this is more money than they have ever known before. Most of the time however, they catch just a few not even enough to shoulder...
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