Bastard Out of Carolina

Topics: Marriage, Child abuse Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Bastard Out of Carolina
I have thoroughly enjoyed this book so far. There were a couple disturbing and touching scenes, but as a whole, it is a good read. I decided to write my reflection paper on the ongoing change of relationship Bone has with her mother. In the beginning, Bone and her mother get along great and have a very close bond. As the story goes on the relationship gets weaker and weaker.

Bone loves her mother very much and her mother loves her. How hard her mother tries to get the work “illegitimate” off of Bone’s birth certificate shows how much she truly cares for Bone, and also how badly she wants her to have a normal life. A normal life may be impossible for Bone however. As her mother gets married for a first time, she seems very happy and the man seems like he would have been the perfect father. Unfortunately he was killed and Anney was left alone; again.

Finally, Anney finds someone that she truly loves, unfortunately enough for Bone. Glen is jealous of what Bone and her mother share and will not stand for it. He turns out to be a horrible father and even sexually assaults Bone. He beats her over and over again even as her mother watched one time. Bone and her mothers’ relationship already changed dramatically for the worse, and I feel like things may get worse as the book goes on.

Another blatant theme throughout the novel Bastard out of Carolina is the theme of child abuse. Bone experiences many cases of child abuse and will continue receiving it due to her “sassiness”. The first time that Glen abuses Bone, she becomes afraid of him, and takes on a different personality, and outlook on the world. It occurred shortly after Anney and Glen were wed, and when Bone was only about 8 or 9. Growing up in poverty, illegitimate, scared and insecure, Bone begins to lash out not publicly, but personally. She creates messed up scenarios in her head and even though she was ashamed, couldn’t stop doing it.

For Bone, growing up was a...
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