Bass Pro Shop Marketing Paper

Topics: Retailing, Privately held company, Bass Pro Shops Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 26, 2013
What makes a Bass Pro Shops store different from other sporting and outdoor goods retail stores?

The Bass Pro Shops stores are truly a unique retailer that is different from most other sporting and outdoor goods retail stores. One way Bass Pro Shops is much different than other sporting and outdoor goods retailers is that Bass Pro is a privately owned company. Every other close competitor is a publically traded company. Bass Pro Shops has been called a sportsman’s paradise. Bass Pro Shops are not only a sporting and outdoor goods store but also a museum, antique shop, a restaurant and a conservation education center among other things. Bass Pro Shops is considered a destination retailer by not just selling a product but creating a specific and personal experience for each individual customer. Each store is designed specifically for that particular region. Bass Pro Shops is the nation’s leader in outdoor sales offering a unique experience that can only be found at a Bass Pro Shops store.

Can other types of sport/outdoor store compete?

Bass Pro Shops has one major competitor that is very similar to Bass Pro in many ways. Cabela’s is just behind Bass Pro in many categories and is its biggest competitor in the sporting and outdoor goods retail market. It is a matter of preference and many times location for outdoors men when it comes to choosing between Bass Pro and Cabela’s. Both stores boast a wide array of products for the sportsman in all of us. Like Bass Pro many Cabela’s stores have restaurants, museums and even aquariums. Both stores offer the same categories of products and even look similar. Bass Pro has 65 stores worldwide while Cabela’s has about 40 stores, this gives Bass Pro the edge in the huge market for outdoor goods.

What types of trends in the socioeconomic environment increase sales and what types of trends hinder sales?

There are many socioeconomic trends that can both help and hinder sales for...
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