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Bass Pro (
The mission statement of Bass Pro is short and right to the point of what they want to convey and do for their customers. Their mission statement is, “To be the leading merchant of outdoor recreational products inspiring people to love, enjoy, and conserve the great out doors.” They support their mission statement by offering a wide variety of outdoor recreational tools and gear for beginners to experts. They also have very well trained and knowledgeable staff members to assist customers with their needs. I would say that Bass Pro’s target market is anyone that enjoys the outdoors. Though most would say they might focus a little more on the male aspect of things, I feel that they are very accommodating to women and children as well. If you are into hunting, fishing, boating, camping, cooking, shooting, golfing, river sports, etc. you are going to find what you are looking for at Bass Pro. I think that originally yes they were geared more toward males around 20 to 50 years of age, but with the evolution of a woman’s place in our society I think they have moved with the times just fine. I know as a woman it is one of my favorite stores to visit. I think they use a variety of all four of the categories listed on the table 6.1 on page 165. I think they use targeting probably the most, as they are an outdoor store in general. I do believe they also use segmentation by dividing their store among many different outdoor activities and sports. Differentiation fits in because they offer a wide variety of top end products at different price ranges. Positioning because they have multiple locations and are still building more, they currently have around 65 locations and according to their Facebook page have two more in the works. Bass Pro uses weekly ads for advertising and to keep their name in the minds of potential consumers. They also use social media, as mentioned before they have a Facebook page that they use to keep consumers...
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