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Fame and recognition are hard to catch. It takes sometimes a lifetime. The audience and the world of art are really hard to convince. Some artists did not even succeed to be recognized during their life, success happened when they died. But it was not the case of Jean Michel Basquiat who was born in 1960 of Haitian and Puerto Rican origin. He started to be interested by art in his early age because her mother brought him to the museum of New York. He encountered success at the age of 20 and died at 27 year old. (Britannica) His life was short such as his work but he succeeded to mark the minds. Why and how did Basquiat have such an impact on the contemporary art despite having a so short career? This essay will point out the evidence of Basquiat’s impact, then it will show his skills to come with a new style of art, finally it will express the impact of Warhol in Basquiat’s world.

Evidence of Basquiat’s impact can be found in the number of exhibitions, books, and film about him. Basquiat generated a lot of intention by is work pieces number of exhibitions have been made in his honor. His first show was in 1980 the Mural in group show, by “The Time Square Show,” with Colab and Fashion Moda, in August in New York. It was the first time Basquiat showed his work to an audience, at his real beginning where he was only 20. During his lifetime Basquiat had had 8 exhibitions in major museums and was exposed in about 30 galleries around the world. (Fretz) The amount of shows of which he was the center expresses the greeting that the contemporary art world did to him. This success and regard continued after his death. About 13 major museums around the world dedicate their wall for Basquiat’s retrospective. The first one was the prestigious Whitney Museum of American Art from October 1992 to February 1993. (Fretz)

Jean Michel Basquiat had a life extraordinary first by his amount of success then by the shortness of his life. Those facts attract the care of several writers. For example Jean Michel Basquiat, a book by Richard Marshall, Klaus Kertess, Greg Tate tells the story of Basquiat's short, successful, tragic life. Filled with beautiful color plates of his work. (Vaux) Widow Basquiat: A Love Story byJennifer Clement
which is
a moving portrait of the turbulent relationships that Basquiat had with his muse Suzanne Malouk and with the art establishment. Also an eyes witness account of the drug-fueled insanity of the New York art scene of the 1980s. (Vaux) Authors have narrating his life since it was so unusual. But many books were made with the exhibitions that were made in his honor, which is a display of his work of art. For instance Basquiat
a catalog from a Basquiat exhibition in Trieste, Italy features fine reproductions of major Basquiat paintings, along with portrait photographs of the artist, a chronology of his life, and essays and interviews in both Italian and English translation. It provides a good overview of Basquiat's life and work. (Vaux) He inspired also filmmakers who wanted to show this unexpected life toward a film. Documentary film tried to display Basquiat’s with an aim being cloth to the truth. For example Radiant Child by Tamra Davis is a film that focus on his art, life and times. (Fretz) Other filmmaker like Julian Schnabel made a film about his life. He shows his hard beginning in the street and how he rised to the top with his collaboration with Andy Warhol and finally shows his fall into the drug which led him to an early death. (Lewison) Basquiat generated the care of several artists because of his life but also is art style, which was unique. Basquiat’s strength was to come up with a new style of art. Basquiat’s works of art are really original, as they do not look like any other paintings. During his difficulties in the beginning when he was living on the streets of New York, he met a graffiti artist, Al Diaz, with whom he collaborated on a number of art pieces....
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