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Topics: Basque cuisine, Basque Country, Basque people Pages: 6 (1089 words) Published: April 15, 2013
1) How does geography influence in Basque cuisine?

2) Basques have also absorb new ingredients and techniques from new settlers and from their own trade and exploration links. Explain.

3) Cider houses (sagardotegiak/sidrerías)

4) Txikiteo

5) Gastronomic societies (sociedades y txokos)

6) Juan Mari Arzak, Martin Berasategui, Karlos Arguiñano, Pedro Subijana, Aduriz

7) Pintxos: excuse for socializing

CHAPTER 9 Warring Factions:

1. Bloody civil wars during the Middle Ages in the Basque Country Different factions called Elder kinsmen (Anaide Magusiak)

2. Main “bandoak” in the Basque Country/ Navarre
Oinaz- descending from the middleages
Granboa- Gebara family (both of Aruba)

3. King of Nafarroa supporters

4. King of Castile supporters

5. Warring consequences
Warring was bloody/violent and had huge consequences for the villiage

CHAPTER 10 At Life’s End:

1. What was customary to do when someone lay on their death bed in a Basque houshold? Call on the first neighbor to notify the preist/doctor

2. Where was each house´s grave located?
In the cemetary, at first inside the church, later moved outside

3. In many places, new born babies which died before being baptised were buried

___________In the Garden___________ or __________under the eave of the house______.

4. What used to happen during the mass for the dead? And after the funeral and burial? During mass, women made offerings from her seat, mattress was burnt. After, relatives went back to celebrate with a feast

5. In prehistoric times dolmens and cromlechs were burial places. Can you explain? Cromlechs- Ashes were burried in the Stone circle
Dolmens- Corpse burried inside

6. Can you explain what jarlekua (the church seat) meant? Seat that belonged to the women of hte house. When she made offerings to the household dead

7. Why was the offering of light (argizaiola) so important? It was believed that light was essential in theworld of darkness

1. There is an eve in the year that we can see bonfires in any town or small village all over the Basque Country. When is it and what is celebrated?

2. What do people in San Sebastián celebrate on January the 20th? Do they have another important festival?

a. Dec 20th- Drum Festival
b. La Semana Granada

3. What is the main local Fiesta in Bilbao? When does it take place? For how long?

4. What is an “encierro”? Where do we need to go if we want to attend such an event? When does it take place? What do they celebrate?

5. What is “Olentzero”? Can you explain?
Santa Clause

6. What does “txupinazo” mean?
Starting day of the festival with a firework show

7. Where do they celebrate “La Blanca”? When does it take place? Vitoria, August celebration

8. Could you mention two different places where they celebrate their local festival with an important military parade? - Hondarribe (near san juan de luz)

9. How do people in Lekeitio celebrate their local festivals around September the 5th? Day if the geese, they have to decapitate a greased goose. If they tie, they have to row race around San Nicolas Island

10. French people say that there is a place in Iparralde where they celebrate their local festivals very much like San Fermin in Pamplona. Do you know where? Baionne, the last Wednesday of July.

1. What is the star ingredient in traditional cuisine?

2. What about livestock?
As a result of having only a few pastures, livestock is leaner and tastier. Quality over quantity.

3. Which fruit has been primarily and traditionally cultivated in the Basque Country? Apple

4. Which harvests have been the foundation of Basque nutrition for centuries? Cheese, chestnuts, walnuts, beans, legumes, corn

5. What do you know about the...
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