Baskin Robbins

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Mission Statement: The mission statement for Baskin Robbins is “We create 110% satisfaction by providing the finest product, service, and Variety for all people of all ages.”

Description of Business/Business Model: Baskin Robbins is an Ice Cream specialty shop who offers a various selection of products such as customized cakes, beverages, and ice cream sundaes. Baskin Robbins has been in business since 1945 in which it was founded by Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins. Baskin Robbins is committed to the quality of their products while maintaining a high level of customer service. In maintaining a high level of customer service they are able to create loyal customer, maximize profits for franchise owners, and create fun environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility: (Taken from the following Baskin Robbins press kit:
Baskin-Robbins franchisees are dedicated to the communities in which they live and work. Ongoing philanthropic endeavors include:

Ice Cream Social FUNraisers: Through this program, organizations raise hundreds of dollars, over the course of only a few hours, through ice cream social fundraisers hosted at local Baskin-Robbins stores.

Scooper Star Rewards: Schools and other youth-focused organizations use this program as a simple and delicious way to reward their kids. Colorful award certificates include a detachable coupon for a free kid’s cone. Many schools use these rewards to recognize children for academic achievement, outstanding attendance, extracurricular excellence and more.

Reading Rewards: This program provides special coupon certificates and bookmarks to schools, libraries, and other organizations that support youth reading initiatives. Coupons for a free kid’s cone are a tasty way to reward children for outstanding reading achievement.

Pint for Pint Program TM: Baskin-Robbins partners with hospitals and blood donation centers across the United States, primarily in the western half of the country, to help increase local blood donation. The Baskin-Robbins Pint for a Pint TM program is one of the brand’s most successful community involvement programs. Since 1989, it has distributed more than 3.5 million certificates to blood centers and benefited millions of patients in need of blood.

31 Cent Scoop Night TM: Launched in 2007, this national program has raised $200,000 for The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Baskin Robbins franchisees are also partners in the Dunkin’ Brands Community Foundation, whose mission is to serve those who serve in communities, especially in times of crisis. This philanthropic initiative, which was founded in 2006, helps to support emergency response organizations so they have the capacity and leadership to respond when our communities need them most. By supporting these organizations and the extraordinary people that work for them, Baskin Robbins believes it can make a difference in its communities.

Products and Services: Baskin Robbins currently offers a combination of product and service. They perform the service requested by a customer and then deliver the product. For example if a customer orders a Vanilla and Chocolate shake, the employee has to gather the materials to make the shake and then serve the product to the customer. From the research we have conducted we have noticed that customers really want lower prices. With the current economic times money is stringent. At this point in time there is no program for frequent customers to save money.

Target Market/Customer Profile: Baskin Robbins’ target market should accompany the general targeted segment of the industry by making reference of target markets of competing ice cream parlors within the city of Albuquerque. They also should follow the trends of the other successful ice cream...
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