Baskin Robbins

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* Location Proximity
* Strong brand awareness
* Never-ending focus on fun combined with their commitment to innovation and a quality customer experience is important when you are considering investing in a business * More than 1000 flavours of ice-cream in the library include low fat and no sugar ice-cream * Provide several services for different age groups

* Expensive compared to competitors prices

* Market for expansion
* Can push sales to hotels and resorts in the nearby localities * Provide party packs

* The number of competitors increasing including the traditional competitors * Emerging competitors with cheaper alternatives


1. Flavour of the month: Savor the flavor of the season with our Flavor of the Month. There's always new delicious scoops to try in a cup, cone, shake or sundae, so stop by and ask for a free taste. Hurry in before the end of the month! 2. Classic flavours

3. Seasonal flavours
4. Regional flavours
5. Bright choices
6. Soft serves: Smooth and creamy Vanilla Soft Serve is available at Baskin-Robbins®. Try our Cones, Parfaits and 31° Below® Mix-In Treats, or take home a 31° Below® Pie. These swirls of Soft Serve are fun and delicious any way you eat them. 7. Grab and go: Take home your favorite flavors with our fresh-packed and pre-packaged ice cream. Or discover our delicious take home treats. Get any of our BRight Choices® flavors in a fresh-packed container. 8. The deep freeze

1. Premium sundaes
2. Classic sundaes
3. Build your own sundaes
1. Shakes
2. Cappuccino blast
3. Fruit blast
4. Smoothies
5. Floats, freezes, & icecream sodas

1. Cake bites
2. Classic cakes
3. Fudge crunch cakes
4. Roll cakes
5. Cake creator
6. Occasions
7. Pies
8. Elegant cakes

* The ice cream parlour spends spends about 8-9 % of its revenue on advertising each year. * Baskin robins hiked their prices by 10 % in april 2010 due to the rise in commodity prices. * With a turnover of nearly Rs 60 crores in 2008 the company is growing at the rate on 35 % a year as compared to the industry average of 12% per year.



* No need for too much marketing activities because of the already established brand name. * Weekly lucky draw coupon is provided to the customers. In coupons also they will collect all the contact details of the customers and will inform them about the lucky winner. * The prices are in terms of one kg ice-cream, half a kg and a double scoop. * GET 31 ON 31: This offer is followed globally where on the last day of the month any purchase made more than Rs 310(in India) is given a discount of 31%. * They also give gift coupons to their customers during some seasons and through corporate tie-ups. * Birthday clubs: in which birthdays are noted and stored into the system, and they will send birthday reminders to their customers, started for children but now after finding that it was good they have extended the scheme for adults also. * Discount will be given to the customer on their birthday if they have a record. * Contact details of the customers are being collected and stored into the system and regular contact is maintained through e-mails and messages. * Baskin Robbins National level Junior Cricket 7s tournament. * ‘Yo Yo Masters road show’ f or Delhi’s children and adults, organised by Cartoon Network Enterprises was held in Baskin Robbins store in Connaught Place, Delhi on July 2007. * Sponsored lucky coupons for ‘Monsoon Masti’ festival organised by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Limited, Hyderabad held on July 2009. * Distributed free passes for ‘Amaze 2008’, B-school...
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