Basketball vs Football

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  • Published : September 28, 2011
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Both basketball and football are well loved sports around North America, but if you had a choice to play one for the rest of your life which one would you choose? They are quite different from each other though. They are both played by men, but basketball is also played by women. Different times of the year will you be able to catch these exiting games though. Although both football and basketball are fun to watch, they differ in the seasons that they are played, the number of coaches on each team, and the type of equipment that they both use. Football and basketball are played in different seasons due to the weather and so that people who love to watch both can enjoy without trying to choose which one to watch. Football is played mainly in the spring and summer. The training starts in the spring, but the actual playing starts around school time which is summer. In high school, they start training around spring so that they will be fit and in shape by the time the season start and so they won’t be sore trying to practice a bunch close to the start of playtime. Basketball, on the other hand, starts in the fall and ends during the winter. Although it is very cold, the players still have to train to get ready for the season. Basketball mainly trains by running a lot and splitting the basketball team into to scrimmage against each other. In both sports, there are going to do a lot of running anyway because that’s what the sports are about. However, each sport is a little different because they both have a different and certain amount of coaches on the team. In basketball, there are only two coaches that coach the team. The two coaches are the main coach and the assistant coach. The assistant coach basically instructs the sideline players while the main coach is instructing the ones out on the court telling them what to look for and what to watch out for. Football, however, has a different coach for each position that is played. The reason why there are so many...
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