Basketball Safety Essay

Topics: Personal Foul, Foul, Free throw Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: May 1, 2013
What do you think when it comes to basketball? Is it safe? There are certain guidelines you should follow in order to be safe in basketball games, and practices. Trust me. I’ve had plenty of experiences. Being safe on the court means having awareness. There is a long standing belief that basketball is not a contact sport. Basketball is CLEARLY a contact sport, especially when rebounding the ball. You must learn how to be physical and aggressive without committing a foul. You can only get five fouls per game. Once you get five, you can’t play any longer and someone must go in and take your spot.

You should stop playing if you are in pain, no matter what it is. The most common basketball injuries are ankle sprains, knee sprains, jammed fingers, broken wrists and concussions. You have to wear the appropriate gear in order to prevent some of the most common injuries. The appropriate gear may include, mouth guards, properly fitted shoes, and ankle or knee braces if you need them. Now, to prevent concussions I’m not saying to wear a helmet, but when you fall down try to prevent from falling head first. Concussions hurt pretty bad, you need to go to the hospital immediately if you think you have gotten one.

In basketball we have personal fouls and intentional fouls. If you have illegal personal contact with an opponent, you have caused a personal foul. Personal fouls occur on occasion. Personal fouls are the most common types of fouls in basketball. Some examples include block fouling where you use your body or body position to prevent an opponent from moving freely. If you do, there is a good chance that you’ll be called for a blocking foul. A holding foul, where anytime a player uses his hands to interfere with an opponent’s freedom of movement. A hand checking foul is when a defender continually uses the hands to disrupt the movement of an offensive player. A catch all foul is for when any infraction the defender commits with his or her hands. Last one, a push...
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