Basketball Junkie

Topics: Drug addiction, Kobe Bryant, Basketball Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Jason Cucalon
Book Report
Basketball Junkie by Chris Herren and Bill Reynolds

The book “basketball Junkie” is a Fantastic book it really is. This book is about a hometown high school superstar named Chris Herron on his journey from Fall River Massachusetts all the way to the Boston garden. Chris lived the dream of every kid who has ever bounced a basketball in their drive way. His accomplishments I believe is what really dragged me into the story. Just the fact that he wasn’t just an ordinary junkie from the streets that wrote a memoir. He was a basketball player that made it to the pros. I feel that gave it the edge just being up there compared to the best players such as Allen Iverson Jermaine o Neil and Kobe Bryant. Basketball Junkie was truly was an interesting story. Chris put it all out there. Herren talks about his substance abuse in brutally honest detail. He describes how his drug addictions caused him his basketball career and almost his life. How his NBA trip was short live as he spent more time chasing his next drug buy then working on his jump shot. Chasing what started out as Alcohol then to coke then to oxy cotton then to heroin caused his NBA career to fizzle out.

How I related to the story was basically the same the story was told expect from another view. I witnessed a great basketball not as big as Chris Herren but good enough to get his name out there and play college basketball. This kid was great just like Chris a good person with many thing ahead in his life. Toward the end of his senior year I don’t know what you would call it. But I would say going down the wrong hanging with wrong crowd. That when he made the same mistake Chris made when he started. One thing lead to another just like Chris said in the book trying it once opened doors to other drugs. Unfortunately neither this kid nor Chris was able to close these doors.

This was upsetting to watch so I could just imagine for a big superstar like this one. What there brothers...
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