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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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In the 9th grade I was new to high school and was kind of scared with the new adjustments to school work, a new atmosphere, and so many distractions ahead of me. During the first quarter I had adjusted to the work load and stayed focus. One day my friends and I were talking about sports and it got me thinking about if I could manage school and sports. One of my friends suggested that I should try out for the junior varsity basketball team. Before high school the last time I played on a basketball team was in 4th grade, but it wasn’t organized. The tryouts for the basketball team were set for November 15th. For that month before the tryouts I worked out almost every day. I would go outside and run around the backyard so I could get the hang of running around the gym. Everyone said “Jasahn you should make the team, your good enough” and I thought the same. The tryouts for the basketball team finally came. The first day of tryouts was exhausting. I remember when the head coach for the varsity team threw the basketball at my head because I wasn’t paying attention to his long lecture, and everyone laughed at me too. At the end of the tryouts the head coach said “The people who made the team names will be called on the TV and the people who didn’t make it, better luck next year.” That night I was excited and thought I made the team for sure. The next day in school, the morning announcements called out the people name’s that made the team. Everyone’s name was called except for mines. At that very moment it felt like I was falling from a plane and didn’t land. My heart felt so empty at that point. For the rest of the day I was just silent and mentally torn. At lunch two of my friends that made the basketball team were happy as they could be while I was crushed. That night I felt like crying for the first time in a while and said to myself “Forget basketball it’s dumb” but really I didn’t mean it. As months passed I stayed focus on my school work and saw an increase in...
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