Basketball Drills

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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Do these drills with wrist weights and gloves.

Backwards Dribble Running - 1 minute- dribble while running backwards. Windmill Around Legs w/dribble - 1 minute- dribbling between legs in a windmill type motion. V-dribble between legs -1 minute between each leg-dribble between one leg fora minute then switch legs Dribble Behind Back - 1 minute- dribble behind your back

Defense Dribble - 2 sets of 50 dribbles with each hand- in a crouch position like you are under pressure with your guide hand up to keep defenders away dribble low and hard as fast as possible Figure Eight Dribble - 1 minute- while walking dribble between your legs

1 minute rest 
Pound 1, 2, Crossover - 1 minute each hand- dribble twice then crossover and repeat then switch the hand you do the pound 1,2 in Spider Dribble - 2 minutes 
Side V Dribble - 1 minute on each side- like the yo-yo dribble with the ball at your side dribble back and forth  Front V Dribble - 1 minute with each hand- same only in front side to side Between the Legs Behind the Back - 1 minute each direction - dribble between your leg and then immediately behind your back then switch the leg you are dribbling between. Dribble with Right Hand two minutes dribble with left hand two minutes. 

1 minute rest 
Windmill Around Legs w/o Dribble -1 minute each direction- around your legs in a windmill motion without dribbling then switch directions  CirclesAround Head - 2 sets of 50 each direction 
Circles Around Waist - 2 sets of 50 each direction 
Circles Around Ankles - 2 sets of 50 each direction 
Circles Around Individual Leg - 2 sets of 50 each direction 1 minute rest  Fingertip Taps in Front of Body - 50 taps- stick your arms out and tap the ball back and forth repeatedly  Crossed Leg Circle Dribbles - 1 minute- sit crossed legged and dribble around your body  Different Strokes - 1 minute each way- kneel down trying to dribble as low and fast as possible, first dribbe with both hands, then pinkies, then ring fingers,...
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