Basketball Coaching

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  • Published : February 19, 2011
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What Does It Take To Become A Great Basketball Coach?

Have you ever imagined not having a coach for your sports team? Or why your coach is so successful? Even though they are very demanding, they’re essential for any team’s success.  “I demand a lot out of my players, but we have fun and I give them room to learn and make mistakes,” said Coach Mike Bates. They provide structure and are the heart and souls of each team. Coaches have to love the game.  The team reflects the coach, if he’s successful so will you be.  The coach needs to be disciplined and teach the fundamentals of the game.  They should instill moral values into the team.  Basic basketball will make the team better.  Basic basketball includes ball handling, proper form, offense, and etc.  It may seem boring and stupid but it really makes you a better team and player.  Players want a coach who will teach them the game.  If the coach is a stickler for defense, your team can beat anyone.  The fundamentals of defense can make a good team great and lower tier teams competitive.  The defense will lead to offense and things will come easier for your team.  Once you’ve mastered the basics the goals that have been set for the team will seem reachable and easier.  The confidence of the team will sky rocket and results will follow. “I teach the kids every aspect of the game and the basics that will make them successful,” said Coach Mike. Your coach needs to be dedicated and love the game. “I’m a gym rat, I’ll do anything to get into the gym and help the girls,” continued Coach Mike. You need to make touch decisions and sacrifices to be successful. Nothing comes easily especially in this profession. You have to outwork your opposition and be prepared. Being in the gym and loving the game gives you many advantages over other coaches. Being around the game teaches you more and makes you aware of every situation. Yelling isn’t the only way to motivate players.  There are many other ways to do so. ...
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