Basketball and the American Dream

Topics: American Dream, Self-Made Men, Basketball Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: April 30, 2012
What does basketball have to do with the American dream? Basketball is a way of achieving the American dream. Trough basketball many people have achieved greatness( fame, and money), most people use basketball through the NBA or other organizations. Basketball is enjoyed by spectators all around the world because it gives people a common interest. Basketball is also enjoyed because it shows people enjoying the American dream and that can motivate people to chase their dreams, because basketball stars are usually the person you here about on the news in a rags to riches story, which can further inspire people. Basketball is a sport that shows team work and a common goal. Basketball also relates to the American dream because it is something people can relate to. Where has basketball been used in literature? Basketball has been used in literature many times, for example John Updike made a poem named “the ex-basketball player” it was a poem about how a man who was very good at basketball but never made it to the professional league and now works at a gas station. This is a good example of chasing the American dream, because even thou he failed he still attempted to be successful. Other examples include “basketball” by Patrick Michael Cassidy, in which he physically talks about being on the court and relates it to life, or “Buzzer beater blues” by Benjamin Steiner. What is basketball? Basketball is a team sport where 2 teams with 5 people on eace team try to score by throwing a ball in to the other team’s basket. This sport is a representation of togetherness and striving for the same goal. Where did basketball come from? This sport was created by Mr. Naismith. Mr. Naismith invented this sport when he was a teacher at International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School in Springfield, the physical education teacher asked him to invent a new indoor game, which could be played during the cold winter months in Massachusetts. He started working on the...
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