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Over the years since basketball was invented, its popularity has gotten very big. The game is played all over the world and has made a lot of people rich through its many professional leagues. The National Basketball Association is, by far, the most popular league in the world, but a lot of people like to watch college, high school, and recreational basketball as much. The game of basketball is one of the most popular and exciting games to watch or play on any skill level. Basketball is an interesting sports because it is easy to play and has many good benefits in our body like being a physically fit person, helps you to have a good and strong stamina. Before playing basketball, you must know what is your strengths and weaknesses and also you must have a mind set about the strategies you can do on the game. Tall peoples don’t need to shoot threes and short ones shouldn’t need to be in the middle struggling to get the rebound. Playing basketball not only needs strong bodies but also needs the brain to score. This is a game that can be enjoy by everyone, you may do all what you want here unless you are obeying the rules and regulations of the game because if you don’t, you will be called a violation. But even though this is sport is the easiest one and it has many benefits in our body, it also have a bad ones like having sprains because of a wrong turn on the game or wrong landing when you jump and also bruises when you are get to physically hurt by your opponent. II.Body

On December 1891, Dr.James Naismith, a teacher at the Young Men’s Christian Association Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts invented the game basketball. It was winter and one of his superiors, Dr. Luther Gulick asked Dr. Naismith to come up with a game that could be played during the winter months. Dr, Naismith had played rugby and he didn’t like the roughness of that game. He wanted a team game which would get rid of most physical contact. The...
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