Basics of Soccer

Topics: Football, The Football Association, International Football Association Board Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Heyawneh Yimer
Professor: Edward Journey
June 25, 2008
Speech #3 – Informative Speech
Speech Topic: A short history of soccer.
Thesis Statement: The origin of two other famous sports rugby and American football is soccer (football). I. Introduction: Soccer, otherwise known as football is the origin of other famous sports around the world such as Rugby and American Football.

A. The game of soccer, originally known as football, dates back to the ancient game of cuju, meaning “kick ball” played in China.
1. Invented for military training purposes.
2. Also played as entertainment for the wealthy and upper class.
B. Later around the 18th century, English scholars modified and gave it rules making it association football.
1. First set of rules regulating the game and making it an association football were at Cambridge University and are known as the Cambridge Rules.
2. Some members that attended the Cambridge ruling later diverted in their own rulings and formed Rugby.
3. Rule changes of Rugby by Walter Camp “Father of American Football” diverted American Football from Rugby in mid-19th century. II. The Cambridge Rules were the first big step for modern day Soccer regulations and Associations.

A. Took place in 1848 at Trinity College, Cambridge by other representatives of other England schools.
1. Rules were not universally adopted due to limitations on travel and language barriers.
2. These rulings formed the Football Association (FA) later became International Football Association Board (IFAB), which still regulates the rulings of the game.

B. Other public pupil schools formed their own Associations afterwards with little differences.
1. Each different Association contributed to the ruling of the game, as...
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