Basics of Green Computing

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  • Published : December 29, 2010
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Basics of Green Computing
A green computer or green IT system is one where the entire process from design, manufacture, use, and disposal involves as little environmental impact as possible. In other words, a green initiative is taken in consideration of all facets of a computer’s life, from design to disposal. In the design aspect, a green computer is created to perform without a negative environmental impact. Such design includes everything from materials and components to how the computer uses its power supply. Nowadays, most computers are built with a sleep or hibernate mode that allows them to power down when not in use and, therefore, save on energy impact. A green computer will also take into account how it impacts the environment during its life. One way to make a green computer reduce its usage impact is to extend its longevity. The longer the computer lasts, the less impact it will have on the environment because disposal, normally the most significant green influence of the computer’s cycle, will be delayed for a longer period of time. To increase a computer’s longevity, we suggest looking toward upgrades and modularity. For example, building a new computer from scratch produces a greater environmental effect than building a new RAM module for replacement in computing equipment. Why is Green Computing?

computer virtualization is helping to make large strides in green computing technology. Through the phenomenon of virtualization, it is now possible to operate two or more computers on the physical hardware of a single computer. In this manner, you could create the ultimate green computer; one that exists logically, but not physically. The logical units use all the material components of the physical computer, but are devoid of physical structure themselves. This means that the environmental impact of logical computers is virtually eliminated. The ideal green computer, therefore, may lie in virtual green computing. Terminal servers can...
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