Basics of Business and Professional Communication

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Basics of Business and Professional Communication

-Communication is a vital part of life
* Without communication, nothing gets done: no money is found to set up a business, no connections between customers and products are made, no orders are taken or filled, etc. * Even money itself is a form of communication. It is symbolic of value, it unites people in common purposes, it is exchanged for things and actions. In fact, it can represent just about anything in the world that you want it to. * Better communicators earn more. That is why there is a saying, “Money Talks” -The Advantages of Effective Communication

* Good communication allows people to share common ground and unites purposes. * Most business communication is about action.
* You can make workflows more efficient and therefore increase productivity. * You can process more information and concerns therefore make better decisions. * You understand people better therefore work with them better (especially in teams) * You can promote yourself clearly and effectively

* You can create a better image of yourself.
* Getting the jobs you want
* Gaining Promotions
-Effective communication is normally always…
* Practical and task focused
* Precise and specific
* Clear and concise
* Factual, accurate and honest
* Persuasive
* Good-will building
-Define: Business Communication
* It is the process of establishing a common understanding between or among people within a business environment. * Business communication is transactional.
* It involves a give and take relationship between the sender and the receiver in order to establish a common understanding. -Goals of business communication
* Receiver Understanding
* It is the most important goal of business communication. The message must be so clear that the receiver understands it as the sender means it to be understood. For communication to be successful,...
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