Basic Techniques in Technical Writing

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  • Published : June 29, 2011
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Definition: The need for defining occurs when the report uses technical terms which are not familiar to the reader or when common terms are used in a special way. RULES FOR DEFINITION
In formulating a formal definition.
1.Try to use simple words. Don’t define an unfamiliar term by using more difficult terminology which would further confuse the reader.

My example:
Not this. Motherboard usually containing the circuitry for the central processing unit, keyboard, monitor and often having slots for accepting additional circuitry. Good. Motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer and it is the main connection point for all hardware in a computer. 2.If the term being defined is a noun, the word after is should also be a noun (the name of the class). Don’t begin your definition with when, what and where.

My example:
Not this. Network is when all computers are hooked together through a common data connection that can share data. Good. Network is a group of computers that are hooked together through a common data connection that can share data. 3.In defining a term, avoid using the term itself or any of its relatives.

My example:
Not this. He threw three balls.
Good. He threw three pieces of balls.

4.Don’t put the term you are defining in too broad or too narrow a class. Too broad. A dog is four legged animal
Too Narrow. A dog is a man’s best friend animal.
Good. A dog is a domesticated carnivorous mammal related to foxes and wolves. CLASSIFICATION: is a systematic process of dividing material into kinds of classes. It involves not only dividing the subject into its consequent classes but also grouping similar units in a subclass which in turn falls under a larger class.

My example:
Breed of dogs can be separated into different classification this categories primarily include sporting, working, toy, etc. Dog can also be further classified into other dog type such as show dog, guard dog and...
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