Basic Strategic

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Basic Strategy
There are four types of basic strategies that many companies apply to respond to the uncertainties. The four basic strategies include defender, prospector, reactor, and analyzer. Each type of the strategies has their own way to react with the uncertainties.

Prospectors will always focus on developing or expanding new market. They will put their effort for seeking out new markets rather than waiting things to happen. Defenders can be defined as expert at producing and selling narrowly defined products and services. In other words, defenders always tries to insulate themselves from changes and they secure this stable market either by keeping the prices low or keep advertising.

The analyzer is in between the defenders and the prospectors. They let the organizations take the risks of products development and marketing and then imitate what seems to work best. The reactors can be defined as the strategy that company use to make adjustments only when finally forced to by environmental pressures. In other words, this is the least effective of the four strategies and it is without direction or focus.

After a series of research we done, we believed that DiGi Telecommunication have apply prospector strategy and defender strategy in their company. This can help them make a stand among their competitors such as Maxis, Celcom, and U Mobile.

DiGi acts as a prospector among the competitors. In the year 1998, DiGi comes out with the first prepaid mobile phone service which also known as DiGi Prepaid in Malaysia. They pay attention on developing new markets rather than waiting things to happen. They realize that different field of users may have different usage of cell phone and hence they come out with this service to meet the wants of the customer. Besides, DiGi is also the first telecommunication in Malaysia to launch a cost-saving postpaid mobile service to suit the different usage and lifestyle patterns of customers of today. These have already...
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