Basic Sentence Structure

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  • Published : August 28, 2010
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Using Basic Sentence Structure Within a Paragraph


This paper displays basic sentence structure by the comparison and contrasting of two different style paragraphs. The first is the opening of a resume and the second the introduction of a web site. I will then go on to explain the difference of the two in regards to sentence length and style.

Using Basic sentence structure within paragraphs

RESUME PARAGRAPH Please accept my resume for the Management position at Multicorp International. I am a dynamic, team-spirited, and task oriented professional offering outstanding qualification in all areas of leadership. With twenty six years national and international experience, my leadership has spanned from a small task oriented team to strategic leadership of a multi level worldwide group. Born in the rigors of armed combat my crisis management of stressful situations is beyond reproach. Combine this with patience and temper, gained only after years of multi level leadership, and you will find a leadership style unmatched by anyone without my military background. After review of this resume you will find a leader, a warrior, and an upstanding citizen, instilled with the special trust and confidence of our nation, ready to take your corporation to the next level.


Tired of sending your money overseas? At you will find nothing but products made in the US. For over 10 years has been making shopping for US products simple. Wander round this virtual mall and find products and services of all types. Not only will you find US favorites but you will be surprised how many items that can be bought within our borders.

While both paragraphs need to be brief and quickly catch the reader’s attention, I feel the website needs to be even more to the point. A member of the human resources staff, at times, has...
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