Basic Roles of an Industrial Engineer

Topics: Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations research Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Basic roles of an industrial engineer

When a factory has problems related to the good functioning of it, normally looks for an industrial engineer to fix t he problem. Industrial engineers are very important for companies and specially factories because they are people who know a little bit about all sections on a factory. We can say an industrial engineer is a fixer when a problem occurs in some area related to the factory. Industrial engineers specialize their jobs on optimization of time and materials and people. As we know, time is one of the most valuable things for a company, because is something you cannot get it back and also because time is money. An industrial engineer is supposed to have the ability to see the faster way of making or follow a procedure. It is his responsibility to develop a new way or a different path to reach the same result in a shorter period of time. With this we can save a lot of money for a company because if a process is made out in a shorter period of time, we will have more time for more production or more units of inventory, meaning more money for the company. In matters of materials, a factory is always careful in all the themes that involve optimization of materials. This is because materials are a cost for the company and less materials you buy, the less you will have to pay. One of the many functions an industrial engineer has is the making of a new process in order to involve fewer amounts of materials. When the costs of a factory tend to reduce but still get the same amount of selling and productivity, you can say it has been a good job done. This is because you have saved money for the company and this is one of the basic principles a company has. We can see how important an industrial engineer can be and why does his roles matter to a company. When we talk about people we normally mean all the employees that work for a certain factory. As we know employees represent also a cost for the company as in salaries and...
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