Basic Nutrition

Topics: Nutrition, Vitamin, Eating Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Kevin Beem
Basic Nutrition
Tues.-Thurs. 10-12

Overall Intake

My average calorie intake is at 5,090 while my target is at 2,800 calories per day. My daily average of calories was way too high, and I need to reduce my intake of so many calories. Most of my calories came from fast food, and soft drinks that I consume all day. I do burn a lot of calories everyday by working out and I do manual labor everyday as well. The price of fruits and vegetables are a lot more expensive compared to junk foods. Making good food choices can be difficult as a poor college student, and being a single father. I do realize that I need to control my eating habits just a little bit better from now on. One of the nutrients that I am way high on is sodium. I consume a lot of sodium from fast food and even in my soft drinks, and I even put added salt on my foods before I eat. I also am very short on many vitamins like potassium, vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. I could eat a few different foods that contain these vital nutrients that I need like bananas, carrots, milk, yogurt, and oranges. I do not eat near enough fruits or vegetables as I should. My water intake is also low as I consume an average of 7 cups a day, compared to 9-13 cups I should be consuming every day.

I do not have a very healthily diet as I work hard and I really enjoy food as well as cooking. I do prefer to work out more often and eat the foods that I want to compare to spending my time worrying and figuring out my diet. I believe we should eat what we want to, but we still need moderation in the foods that we consume. I have learned that I rally should watch my intake on certain foods to avoid certain diseases, and to be healthier. Diabetes runs in my family and I think sometimes I should be the diabetic since I have a poor diet. I am also lucky that I do not weigh more that I do considering I consume way too many calories per day. I wish I had more time to eat a healthier meal, and also...
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