Basic Needs Shank's Old Boss Failed to Meet...

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: September 12, 2010
According to Maslow's hierarchy, which basic needs did Shank's old boss fail to meet? Explain why the needs have not been met. What could be done to meet these missing needs? The basic needs which Shank’s old boss failed to meet are as follows: The need for self-actualization “the desire to become more and more what one is and to become everything that one is capable of becoming." People who have everything can maximize their potential. They can seek knowledge, peace, esthetic experiences, self-fulfillment, oneness with God, etc. . Emily Griffin from Flight 001 stated the following: So it’s not that it’s better than nothing, but they do still recognize the contribution, even if I’m not quite getting it right. This negative statement tells me that the self-actualization is a missing component within this company. She is completing a project just to get it accepted and not maximizing her potential and her highest level of functioning. Emily should be able to move through the needs to the highest level provided they are given an education that promotes growth. Use the Expectancy Theory and/or the Equity Theory of motivation to explain how feeling underpaid might affect the work of a Flight 001 associate and what a manager can do to increase the employee's motivation. A Flight 001 associate that feels underpaid may form perceptions of what constitutes a fair ratio (a balance or trade) of inputs and outputs by comparing our own situation with other 'referents' (reference points or examples) in the market place as we see it. In practice this helps to explain why people are so strongly affected by the situations (and views and gossip) of colleagues, friends, partners etc., in establishing their own personal sense of fairness or equity in their work situations. People need to feel that there is a fair balance between inputs and outputs. Crucially fairness is measured by comparing one's own balance or ratio between inputs and outputs, with the ratio enjoyed or...
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