Basic Math Review: An Instructor-Graded Project

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Unit 1: Basic Math Review – Instructor-Graded Project

You must show your work on all problems. You may type your answer right into this document. Total points for project: 45 points.

Projects must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and uploaded to the Dropbox for Unit 1. All Projects are due by Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET of the assigned Unit. NOTE: Project problems should not be posted to the Discussion threads. Questions on the project problems should be addressed to the instructor by sending an email or by attending office hours. Part I. Basic Computations

1. Round the following number, as indicated: 78,346,291.716 (10 points – 2 points each)

a. rounded to the millions place
Answer: 78,000,000.00

b. rounded to the nearest tenth
Answer: 78,346,291.7

c. rounded to the nearest whole number
Answer: 78,346,292.00

d. rounded to the hundreds place
Answer: 78,346,300.00

e. rounded to the hundredths place
Answer: 78,346,291.72

2. Julie is planning to make a garden in her backyard. The garden will be rectangular - 32 feet on one side and 65 feet on the other side. In order to keep animals out of the garden, Julie will be building a wire fence to protect the garden. To prepare the soil in the garden, she will be treating the soil with a special fertilizer which prevents weeds and pests. * The wire fence can be purchased for $21.75 per yard (1 yard = 3 feet) . You are not permitted to purchase a part of a yard. * She can purchase the special fertilizer at a cost of $8.75 per gallon. Each gallon will treat 650 square feet. The fertilizer is only available for sale by the gallon.

Perimeter = 2 (length + width)
Area = length x width

a. (5 points) Compute the outside perimeter of the garden and determine how much the wire fence will cost her. Answer:2(32+65)
2(97) = 194/3 =64.66 (can’t use partial yardagde so we round up to 65) ft 65 * $21.75 = $1,413.75

b. (5 points) How much will she need to spend on the special fertilizer? Answer: 32 * 65 = 2,080/650 = 3.2 (round up to nearest sq ft = 4) 4 * $8.75 = $35.00

Part II. Case Study

3. Jose attends a local Community College, where he will shortly graduate with his Associate’s degree in Graphic Design. He has considered continuing his education to get another degree, hoping that he can use the combined degrees to get a job with a firm that designs websites for small businesses. Tuition for one semester costs $685 (15 or more credit hours), or he can pay $55 per credit hour if he takes less than 15 credit hours. It will also cost him $5 per credit hour for Student Fees and there is a technology fee of $16 per semester. Jose will need to take 14 more 3 credit courses to complete a degree in electronic commerce. He figures that he will need to attend school for 3 more consecutive semesters (1 full year plus 5 months) to complete the electronic commerce degree. Textbooks will cost him $95 per class.

a. (5 points) Jose is planning on taking five courses during his first two semesters in the electronic commerce program, and four courses during the third semester. How much will it cost to get this second degree? Answer:

Total Credit Hours – 14 * 3 = 42
Books - 95 * 14 = 1,330.00
Total cos t of Tech fees -16 * 3 = 48.00
Student fees – 5 *42 = 210.00
Total of first two semesters’s tuition – 685 * 2 = 1,370.00 Last semester tuition – 4 classses * 3 Credits = 12 * 55 = 660.00 1330+48+210+1370+660=3618
He will pay a total of $3,618 for all three semesters.

b. (5 points) Jose needs to determine how much money he will need to borrow if he works 15 hours a week at a local video store making $9.50 per hour (take-home = assume 4 weeks per month). He will be able to rent a room from a friend for $200 per month, who is also willing to share groceries and...
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