Basic Marketing Plan- Cell Phones

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We are the #1 maker of cell phones in the world and we are also aiming for the top of the nascent mobile Internet market. Our products are divided primarily between three divisions: devices (handheld device manufacturing); services and software (consumer Internet services and products); and markets (supply chains, sales channels, and marketing). Our wireless network products business is operated in partnership with Siemens as Nokia Siemens Networks; the joint venture is the #3 player in the wireless networking equipment market behind Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent.


Our goal is to re-emerge into the US Market by re-inventing our marketing mix and strategy. The first step will be to revamp our image in the US by altering the current perception of our phones. We need to reposition ourselves in the marketplace as the leader in high quality, contemporary phone devices.

When deciding how we would re-invent ourselves we looked at several options. The first option we explored were licensing agreements with other phone manufacturers. We decided not to choose this option because of the strong manufacturing channels we already have in place all across the globe. We also did not want to risk having our name associated with phones that were not of an extremely high quality for fear that this could lower our reputation in the US even more.

Another option we evaluated was to enter into a partnership with a DSL phone service provider such as Vonage. We were exploring the option of developing a new break through Voice of IP service but after discussion we deciding this would not allow us to focus on our core products, which are handheld devices.


In the US we are currently perceived as a cheap, outdated phone that is only suitable for the very young or the very old. To the Savvy and Technologically inclined consumer we are seem as an overly...
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