Basic Manufacturing Process

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QUESTION : Write an assessment report to investigate the possibility of producing products with non circular inner and outer diameter using the centrifugal casting process.

Based on the question, I have done my research on centrifugal casting. Centrifugal casting is a technique that is typically used to cast thin-walled cylinders and it is commonly it is noted for the quality of the results attainable, particularly for precise control of their metallurgy and crystal structure. So, it can produce alloys which are fine structured, sound and compact, perfectly homogenous, free from blowholes and inclusion, and also, very high mechanical properties compared to the others foundry processes. In addition, parts produced are easily machined, free from distortion, and parts are enhanced resistance to corrosion and wear.

Centrifugal casting is done by pouring molten metal into a rotating mould. The centrifugal force acting on the mould helps in feeding and positioning the metal in the mould. Mould rotation is continued till after the metal is solidified.

Centrifugal casting consist of three : True centrifugal casting, semi-centrifugal casting and centrifuged casting.

In centrifugal casting, the mold may spin about a horizontal, inclined or vertical axis. The outside shape of the casting is determined by the shape of the mold. The inside contour is determined by the free surface of the liquid metal during solidification. The question asked, is it possible to produce a product with inner and outer diameter with non-circular shape. This is possible to do.

True centrifugal casting

This method, also referred to as just centrifugal casting, is characterized by an outer cylindrical mold with no cores. The process can be vertical, horizontal, or inclined. The permanent mold is rotated about its axis at high speeds (300 to 3000 rpm), so that the molten metal is forced to the inside mold wall, where it...
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