Basic Life Support Teaching Plan-1st Year Nursing Students

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Teaching Plan for Basic Life Support for 1st Year Monash Nursing Students

The aim of a planned teaching guide is to enable the teacher to have a concise lesson plan and objectives for in which to teach BLS to the students. The target audience is 1st year nursing students, who may or may not have any previous experience with BLS; it is therefore necessary to question their knowledge. The plan must use language that is appropriate and understandable. Whilst being mindful not to use nursing slang or unfamiliar terminology. There is an assumed interest from the students as this is a perquisite to passing first year. This maximizes the student’s willingness to learn and facilitates control of learning. The nursing labs will be utilized to teach the students with the focus on developing the skills and knowledge required to perform BLS. The students will be provided with a handout, outlining the important aspects to be covered.

The learning theory that will be utilized is ‘Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences’ which expresses that there are several different types of intelligence and that student’s have different strengths and learn differently. The intelligences include kinaesthetic; logical; spatial; mathematical; visual; verbal; interpersonal; musical and naturalistic. This teaching plan will incorporate verbal, visual and tactile approaches to teaching to assist the student’s in gaining the skills and knowledge needed (Helding, 2010). Allocation of the tasks involved in the teaching plan will be divided equally amongst both teachers.

Time | Activity|
5mins| Welcoming students: Allocated teachers- S and N (Introducing ourselves and welcoming the students, explaining why they are here and what the aim of today’s class is.) Welcome students, Hello our names are S and N, as you know we are 3rd year nursing students. Part of your role as a nurse is to teach people. This could be patients, families or other nurses. Our role today is to teach you (the first year nursing students) how to perform Basic Life Support and the importance of this skill. To assist your learning today we will be teaching you using a range of verbal, visual and tactile approaches. (While doing this we will point to our ears, eyes and hands.) Determining pre-existing knowledge/Ice breaker activity: Allocated teacher-S. Students will be asked to introduce themselves and to explain their understanding of BLS. We do this to determining their Pre-existing knowledge)To Determine pre-existing knowledge, we will ask the students to introduce themselves and briefly state what they know about BLS. Also questioning whether any of students, have been exposed to a situation where BLS was needed?| 5 mins| Topic content: Allocated teacher- N. Students will be provided with a hand out of a brief written overview of the lesson. Assisting visual learning. 1- Explain legal requirements – Duty of care, Cultural awareness/sensitivity, Confidentiality, Limitations and the importance of Debriefing. 2- Protection- The importance of PPE, which involves gloves, gowns, and protective eyewear if bodily fluids/blood is present. 3- Assessing an emergency situation and prioritising the management of the patient when dealing with life threatening situations. 4- Managing the unconscious patient - Airway, Breathing and Circulation (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and knowing how to place a patient into the recovery position. 5- Understanding what a Defibrillator is and when it can and cannot be used.| 5 mins| Learning objectives and Topic content: Allocated teacher-S. Next, we will explain the learning objectives to the students. (This will be provided on a handout to assist in visual learning).At the completion of today’s teaching session it is expected that the students will be able to:...
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