Basic Guide to Solving Traffic Management

Topics: Traffic, Road, Road transport Pages: 3 (499 words) Published: October 23, 2010
The Guide to Traffic Management covers the following areas:
Part 1: Introduction to Traffic Management
Introduction to the discipline of traffic management and an overview of the structure and content of the guide: •practical context, definition, principles and objectives •functional road hierarchy

basic elements of traffic management
use of the guide.
Part 2: Traffic Theory
Introduction to the characteristics of traffic flow and the theories, models and statistical distributions used to describe many traffic phenomena: •basic descriptors of traffic flow and relationships

stochastic nature of traffic behaviour
vehicle interactions in traffic
queuing theory
gap acceptance theory.
Part 3: Traffic Studies and Analysis
Traffic performance of roads and intersections:
traffic analysis for mid-block situations, including freeways/motorways •analysis of signalised and unsignalised intersections, including roundabouts •road capacity analysis.
Part 4: Network Management
Broad strategies and objectives of managing road networks to provide effective traffic management: •network management objectives and operational objectives •network performance measures
network management plans
needs of freight, public transport, pedestrians, cyclists and private vehicles •microsimulation modelling of networks.
Part 5: Road Management
Traffic management issues that apply to a single length of an individual road: •road space allocation
access management
lane management
application of speed limits.
Part 6: Intersections, Interchanges and Crossings
Traffic management at locations where different traffic and road user streams intersect: •types of intersection, selection and appropriate use
signalised and unsignalised intersections
roundabouts and interchanges
rail crossings
pedestrian and bicycle crossings of roads.
Part 7: Traffic Management in Activity Centres
Principles for the planning and...
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