Basic Concepts in Quality Planning and Management

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Quality Management (Basic Concepts)

1) What Is Quality?
The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied — ASQ (American Society for Quality) needs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Performance Reliability Durability Serviceability Aesthetics Features Perceived Quality Conformance to Standards Will the product do the intended job? How often does the product fail? How long does the product last? How easy is it to repair the product? What does the product look like? What does the product do? What is the reputation of the company or its product? Is the product made exactly as the designer intended?

Quality Management

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1.1 Components of Quality

Quality of Design
Product Features vs Customer Requirements


Performance Quality of Specifications
Sales and Marketing Product Specifications vs Product Features

Quality of Conformance Features Product
Product Characteristics vs Product Specifications



Quality of Performance
Product Characteristics vs Customer Requirements

Quality Management

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1.1.1 Voice of the Customer
The term Voice Of the Customer (VOC) is used to describe customers’ needs and their perceptions of your product or service. VOC data helps an organization: • Align design and improvement efforts with business strategy. • Decide what products, processes and services to offer or enhance. • Identify critical features/performance requirements for products, processes and services. • Identify key drivers of customer satisfaction. Quality Management Slide 4 of 35

1.1.2 Kano’s Model of Customer Needs
Performance Quality Satisfiers Excitement Quality
Noriaki Kano

Delighters Basic Quality Dissatisfiers

Quality Performance

Quality Management

Customer Satisfaction

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1.2 Quality is Customer Satisfaction
Supplier Metrics • Cycle-Time Customer Needs • Timeliness

• Cost

• Price

• Defect Rate

• Quality

Quality Management

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1.2 Quality is Customer Satisfaction
A “customer” is anyone who is impacted by the product: 1. External Customers – Include not only the end-users, but also • the intermediate processors (OEMs, distributors, retailers) • non-purchasers who have some connection to the product

(government regulatory bodies)
2. Internal Customers
– Include not only other divisions of the company that are

provided with components for an assembly, but also • others that are affected (the Purchasing department that receives an engineering specification for a procurement)

Quality Management

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1.3 Two Views of Quality
Internal View of Quality
Compare product to specification Get product accepted at inspection Prevent plant & field defects Concentrate on manufacturing Use internal quality measures View quality as a technical issue Efforts coordinated by quality manager

External View of Quality
Compare product to competition (and BIC) Provide satisfaction over product life Meet customer needs on goods & services Cover all functions User customer-based quality measures View quality as a business issue Efforts directed by upper management

Quality Management

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2) What is Management?
Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, accomplish efficiently selected aims.

Quality Management

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2.1 Management Functions
Goals of Claimants Use of Resources

Reengineering the System

What , When








Produce Results
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Facilitate Communication Links

2.1 Management Functions

Quality Management

Time Spent in Carrying Out Managerial Functions

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