Basf Social Corporate Imvestment

Topics: School, Education, South Africa Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: May 8, 2013
BASF is one of the worlds leading chemical companies, it has been operating in South Africa since 1966. BASF is one of many companies in South Africa that is running a Social Corporate Investment program (BASF The Chemical Company, n.d). BASF acknowledged the need to contribute to the communities it functions in, BASF South Africa supports numerous Corporate Social Investment projects, such as : The Power-Child Campus-This project is based in Mfuleni, this was the association’s first international project. This campus will provide a temporary, safe shelter for sexually abused children, as well as a educational facility to teach children about preventing abuse it will empower the children and their families to stand against it together (BASF The Chemical Company, n.d). The campus also has a soccer field, Bizcommunity (2008) suggests that soccer serves as inspiration to the children as a sign of a better future. Educators encourage teamwork and give the children confidence through developing their skills. The Lapdesk Project- This was launched in 2004 is an initiative that no child in South Africa attends school without the benefit of a desk by 2011. BASF supplies the raw material top the Lapdesk Company. 35 000 lapdesks were provided by BASF in the 2007 alone (BASF The Chemical Company, n.d). Capricorn Primary School, Vryground, Cape town- BASF sponsored teaching assistants to Capricorn Primary school, they made a big impact on the school and its students by improving the people-teacher ratio and also the time available for each student increased. (BASF The Chemical Company, n.d) Commercial Advanced Training Scheme (CATS) – CATS provides students the chance to gain structured work experience and exposes the students to professional world-class business practices along with the traditional classroom theory. This will increase their future career development in whichever field they decide to choose. (BASF The Chemical Company, n.d) Makeba Home for Girls-...
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