BASF Marketing Plan in Tashkent

Topics: Marketing, Uzbekistan, Variable cost Pages: 6 (1948 words) Published: April 25, 2013
BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. BASF has subsidiaries in more than eighty countries and supplies products to a large number of business partners in nearly every part of the world, with about 111,000 employees (Global markets Ch1). BASF Agency in Uzbekistan is a subsidiary of BASF AG, Germany. BASF Uzbekistan was founded in Tashkent city in 1992 and was one of the first foreign firms entering this market(timing ch15). The main task of this agency is promotion of BASF productions locally and markets (market Ch 1) of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. The major products of BASF UZ are in agricultural and construction material areas. In sphere of chemical weed and pest killers (WPK) BASF is the leader in European and Asian markets. Agency provides full technical and consultancy support (customer consulting ch14) in question of application WPK. BASF UZ also is offering solutions in construction industry. Due to BASF innovations - lifetime, safety, cost and design of constructions which use BASF productions can be improved. BASF UZ has to be a leader and innovator in these areas in Central Asia market, so it needs good marketing support. The Company analyses local market, by identifying customers and their needs (marketing ch1). The requirements for all chemical companies are the same: safety, quality and price. The BASF UZ strategy is to show to their customers that their production has great quality and absolutely safe for environment, if it is used in the right way. Consequently they provide trainings, instructions and seminars for young chemists and students for increasing trust towards BASF productions and also increasing brand awareness (ch19), it is just part of BASF’s marketing communication (ch19). On the seminars BASF UZ demonstrates a clear benefit of their production (informational appeal ch19).

BASF’s mission statement: “We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection”. (mission statements ch3). BASF UZ has very specific production so they focus on building long-term relationships with consumers, by providing personal communication to each customer (relationship marketing ch1). Clients of BASF UZ are from agriculture and construction industries, the Company develops the most appropriate offerings to each segment of the market (close supplier-customer relationship ch8) adaptation process is very important part of the company (adaptation ch15), trying to perceive customer expectations (customer-perceived value ch3) Uzbekistan is a country of high political risk. Most of companies which can afford BASF productions are government. BASF UZ built good relationship with government by creating and offering new work places for young local chemists (mega-relationship ch2). BASF integrated huge ERP system SAP (ERP Ch4) that can help easily communicate to each department, to customers by CRM, to suppliers and etc. It is really good tool for marketing department, for instance, it helps to avoid miscommunication with R&D department, and also by implementing CRM system (CRM ch3) we can predict customer’s needs(network marketing ch2 ) and behavior. CRM system collects whole information about customers. Collected information gathered in customer database (customer database ch5), and it’s not just information which include names, addresses and telephone numbers (customer mailing list ch5), it also include customer’s past purchase, demographics, preferences, this information is significant for direct marketing(ch20) especially for telemarketing(ch20). The main part of customer database is business database (business database ch5), it contains business customers’ information, like status of current contracts, buyer team member, past volumes and etc. According to this and other information marketing statisticians can extract useful information about trends and individuals (Data mining ch5). BASF UZ as said before works in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan markets, these countries...
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