Baseball Research Paper

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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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Baseball Research Project
Team Charlie
September 29 2011
Ron Rouillier

Baseball Research Project
Baseball all over the world is a major sport for family entertainment and has been enjoyed for many years. In the United States, Major League Players are being paid enormous salaries based on hits (H); homeruns produced (HR), and runs batted in (RBI). This paper will review Major League baseball research stats of teams wins compared to player salaries. In 1817 Major League Baseball came into existence and the object of the game was to create different teams with and even number of players on each side. Each team owner has an opportunity to select the players that he feels would be the best at a certain position. The best players would be hired to help create wins. In turn, the teams with the most recognized players would receive the most recognition, that team would produce the highest number of ticket sales, and a large fan base that would follow the club. Owners of the teams would earn the most money, build the best stadiums, provide perks that lure better players to his team, and pay salaries non-noticeable teams could not afford. Purpose of Research

Major League baseball teams today have salaries that vary from $250 million dollars per year (large market teams) to as low as 60 million dollars per year (small market teams). The question of research is weather teams with higher salaries have an unfair advantage against teams smaller, lower end markets. It is important to look a statistical data, understand if baseball teams such as The Boston Red Sox have build an unfair advantage against teams like The Florida Marlins, who has less capital to spend on players salaries. The first possible outcome includes equal salary budgets for all teams with no option for punishment for payroll Teams with more revenue will level the playing field that allows the same opportunity for every team. When consistency prevails, fans may provide more support because...
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