Baseball Integration from 1940 to Present

Topics: Major League Baseball, San Francisco Giants, Baseball Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: May 1, 2008
What was major league baseball like in the 1940’s? Integration was a controversial issue in the 1940’s. Many of the major league teams were interested to know more about integration which impacted many factors. The impact of black players on the field was significant. They were brought over from the Negro leagues an aggressive style of play. Black players soon established themselves as major league stars. The impact that black baseball players had in the 1940’s was powerful because it sparked the end of racial integration in major league baseball. A major obstacle was removed in 1944 with the death of Commissioner Landis. Although during his time Landis made several statements there was no way to solve integration in baseball, he also prevented any attempts to sign black players. For example, Bill Veeck, a former owner, was denied from purchasing the Philadelphia Phillies in 1943. Commissioner Landis realized that Veeck had planned to build his team around Negro League All-stars. The next commissioner to come along was a man by the name of Happy Chandler, who believed that bringing integration to the sport was a good idea. In 1947, Brooklyn Dodgers manager Branch Rickey called upon an African American named Jackie Robinson to help get the Dodgers to the World Series. In this era, it was time for blacks to make a statement on the baseball field. Blacks helped American win World War II. The Yankees were winning year after year after year and the largest source of un-scouted baseball talent were in the Negro Leagues, When Rickey brought Robinson into his office in 1945, he had to see whether Robinson could stand up to the taunts, pressure and death threats that would come. What it seemed that veteran Negro players respected Jackie both as a ball player and as an individual, admiring the courage he showed in difficult racial situations. Jackie Robinson was one of the most intensely competitive human beings imaginable, and he proved it over his 10 year career....
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