Baseball and Steroids (Satire)

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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Baseball & Juice
There aren’t many times when you can turn it to ESPN or MLB network without finding out that someone has been caught doing steroids or “performance enhancing drugs”, or someone isn’t going to be inducted into Cooperstown, because they’ve been rumored to be taking steroids But what’s the big deal?! The players are taking them to be better players and win games, last time I checked don’t you play to win? Maybe it’s not the players that should be punished maybe Americas pastime should start to change to conform to what players are doing. I mean they are the ones making all the money.

The biggest excuse you hear from people is that taking steroids is an unfair advantage to other players playing the game. Well that’s a pretty easy problem to fix, if you want to play baseball you should take steroids. Start the kids out young such as tee ball or little league then you can’t say that there is any disadvantage there. I mean they already have to take booster shots at that age so what’s one more needle going to hurt. That way if they want to continue their baseball career into High School and College they will be on the same level as other players. Also by that time they will probably be able to stick the needle into themselves so that saves time for doctor visits and money as well.

Another thing that they could do is just assign every player in baseball whether they are playing in little league or playing in the big leagues a personal trainer who has the steroids with them at all times. That way the players can take them anytime and under good supervision, also they can teach the younger ones what steroids are the best and what ones not to use. Not only are they getting the roids from a professional but they will have someone to help them workout, which wouldn’t be nearly as necessary with the steroids. They can also tell them the good things about taking steroids, like how big your muscles are going to get, and all the other good things that...
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