Barton Fink

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  • Published : November 6, 2010
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Barton Fink

Barton Fink is a film directed by Coen brothers about a guy who wrestles with his own soul. Barton Fink goes through the mental struggle to find his place in the world and to find his dream and one idea that would be the best he ever wrote. The mental hell that Barton goes through is reproduced in audible form. Music, many of the sound effects, and dialogue in the movie are loaded with meaning. Coen brothers, picture editor and sound editor achieved great relationship between the sound and the image. Added sound to the image dramatically enhanced Barton Fink’s confused mental state.

One of the best scenes full of expressive sound effects in Barton Fink is his arrival in to the hotel in Los Angeles. It starts with a shot of a big rock on the beach, which is splashed by a huge wave. It is a very short scene but the sound of the wave hitting the rock is very rowdy. The rock represents Barton Fink and splashing wave is the new world. We are never shown that he was convinced to go to the Hollywood, but we can guess that he was forced against his will to come to this new world.

In the next shot Barton walks very slowly to the counter in the hotel and rings the bell. Unnaturally sustained bell rings endlessly through out the lobby telling us something is not right. In the next shot, Bart nervously taps his fingers on the table. Suddenly we hear footsteps and a door opens, the shot is on Barton but the sound is letting us know that the hotel concierge is coming. The atmosphere throughout the hotel is packed with diegetic, and special sound effects, that were recorded after the shooting and then synchronized with the image. Some scenes contained little or no dialogue because Coen brothers wanted this film to be sound driven. That is why everything that Barton does, every move or turn has a sound. Finally concierge finds a piece of paper that confirms Barton’s registration. Concierge asks: “Barton Fink that must be you? “ Barton answers: “Must be”. We...
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