Bartleby Reflection

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AVS 101Allante Castle
Bartleby Reading Reflection Assignment 10/9/2012

I met this kid named Josh in my Calculus class the first week of school. Josh is tall, has jet black shaggy hair, very pale skin, and really big ears that stick out through his hair. But what mostly distinguish Josh from others are his very blue eyes. Josh never speaks in class, even when the teacher asks him for and answers. One day in class, I needed something to write with and he was willing to give me a pencil. He seemed to be a cool kid but he never said a word during class and I barely saw him outside of class. One day at the cafe, I noticed Josh was sitting at a table in the corner by himself. I went over and asked if he wanted to sit with me and my friends, he replied “I would prefer not to.” This instantly reminded me of the novel Bartleby. But I thought nothing of it and left him alone. That night I realized that Josh lived on my floor, three rooms down from me. He never showed up to any of the floor meeting so I figured he was from another floor. I decided to stop by his room and try to spark a conversation, but he was nowhere to be found. His roommate Mitch was in the room alone, so I starting asking him about Josh. I learned that Jos h has barley said more than two sentences since we’ve been in school. Also that he goes to the café but never actually gets food. He’s even been caught trying to sleep in the library. But what really shocked me was that Mitch had found a bunch of uncompleted suicide letters under Josh’s bed. I instantly knew I had to do something before something bad happened. I first took the letters to the RAs office and then walked down to the Wellness Center to try and get help for Josh.
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