Topics: Hospital, Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, Deductible Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Motor Club of America we’ve been opened since 1926
We also offer Insurance through Vurich-American
We have more benefits and fewer restrictions than AAA
We provide 7 tows while AAA provide 4 tows

We have 5 different security plans:
1. 9.95 = $40 commission
2. 14.95 = $60 commission
3. 19.95 = $80 commission = $25,000 life insurance
4. 29.99 = $80 commission = $50,000 life insurance
5. 39.99 = $80 commission = $75,000 life insurance
[The difference of these prices is the amount for the life insurance you will receive and if you are killed by any chance your beneficiary will get the money of the life insurance from Vurich-American due to whatever plan you chose] Vehicle emergency help:

* Lock keys in car
* Tire change if your tires pop or flat on the road

Hospital coverage:
* Hospital Reimburse up to $500 towards emergency room for any accidents as long it is an injury you have but not flu or any other illness = example (if your emergency hospital bill is $790 you will only have to pay $290 SN: the $500 is given to you not the hospital so if you already have medical insurance to protect you the $500 that will be given to you can be used for any deductible charges that you have to pay towards your insurance or keep you may simply keep it in your pocket) Receive $150 confinement for any time you stay overnight in a hospital (it covers injuries for example: you went up a ladder and fell off and broken your leg or any fracture and you had to be hospitalized for a night, you will get $150 for each night you spend in the hospital) [Before you leave the hospital you will be given a statement diagnosis plus the bill charge and with that you will fax it to us with the claim form and we will fax that to the Vurich- American insurance]

Traveling on road emergencies:
* If you are traveling on the road and you are 50 miles away from home and your vehicle happened to break down and can’t work and its really late and you...
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